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How to make a donation?

Dear friend,

Our charity organization «Shag navsterchu» has been working with children with special needs living in the 3rd building of orphanage No. 4 in Pavlovsk city as well as the children relocated to psychoneurological residential care facilities for adults for 13 years already.

We continue to change and develop in order to add more quality and productiveness to our work and also in order to make the lives of children better, happier and more stable. We want the children with special needs to have the right of happy childhood, independent life and being active part of the society.

How to make a donation if it’s all in Russian?

  1. Please click on the donation page here.
  2. The very first form is the one we need to make a donation with a credit card (screenshot).
  3. Now you need to pick the sum of donation. Please note that it must be in Russian Rubles. Here is the up-to-date currency rate. If we click on the website we can convert Euro (or Dollars) to Rubles. We can try with 10 EUR  — it is about 684 RUR (on 12/09/2017). So if you want to donate 10 EUR, you need to write in the first column «684» (more/less depends on a rate) (screenshot №2).
  4. Then fill in your name, e-mail and tick a box below (confirmation of the donation agreement) (screenshoot №3).
  5. If you want to make a donation every month tick a box after the sum of donation (screenshot №4).
  6. Click on the blue button below. After a few seconds the new window will appear. In this window you need to fill your credit card information (screenshot №5).
  7. Click on the blue button below. Your donation is done! (screenshot №6).
  8. Thank you!

We all love what we do but we wouldn’t have been able to achieve such results by ourselves. We thank you for your support and willingness to share our achievements, success and plans.

Thank you for always being there. We aspire to reach new heights and we believe we can achieve this together.

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